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About The Tale Of Mahan’s Death

The Tale of Mahan’s Death is a romantic story about a writer, poet, and political activist named Mahan who faces discrimination and suppression from the government and the people around him. Mahan is earnestly in love with Maryam, a film actress. Despite this, he decides to take distance from his beloved after having a suspicion that the police which discretely scrutinizes his works and life might also go after Maryam. Soon when Maryam hears the news of Mahan’s death, she begins investigating his fate and the truth about his actions

About Abolhasani Performing Arts Academy

Abolhasani Art Group is in association with Abolhasani Theatre Academy based in the city of Babol, Iran; and is founded by Abbas Abolhasani in 2007. So far, they have performed 14 full length plays directed by Abbas Abolhasani at different theatre halls all over Iran. Some of the recent performances are The Well (participated at the International Theatre Festival of Kerala – India 2019), The Tale of Mahan’s Death, Messiah, The Stone (all written by Alireza Tavana, an Iranian playwright); as well as, Les Morts sans Sepultures (written by Jean-Paul Sartre), and Antigone (written by Sophocles). Most of these performances won provincial and national awards and were praised by viewers and critics

Besides activity in performance, Abolhasani Theatre Academy is also active in training actors from beginner to advanced level. Most of these actors, after completing their training either appear on performances which are produced by Abbas Abolhasani, or go on to make/join other acting groups. Some of the courses their offer include stage acting, acting in front of the camera, voice and speech training, creative writing, and acting for junior apprentices

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The Well in India

The Well, a play written by Alireza Tavana originally in Persian, and directed by Abbas Abolhasani is officially selected to participate at the International Theatre Festival Kerala (ITFOk 2019). It is the 11th edition of this festival, and 13 groups from 6 different countries are selected to participate.

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